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Good morning everyone, Another new day at home and as previously promised, I was about to telephone the Schmittmann’s. The details of my trip home were of less importance than the awaited telephone call of the Schmittmann’s so I proceeded

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Do Not Doubt The Future

Good Morning Everyone, Once again the news is good on a personal level, no immediate surgery, the Drs. will keep things in check until September at which time more tests will determine if surgery can be set aside for another

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Fear Not

Good Morning Everyone, There isn’t an excuse, but a number of reasons for the delay in this communication. If you remember, in a previous blog, I took the privilege of a diversion and had mentioned that a cousin of mine

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Get Ready and Go

Good Afternoon Everybody, With only two more days left, this visit brings on a new and deeper meaning. Remember what you see, write down the important memories, and listen to the words spoken about business matters The ride was most

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Merry Christmas 2013

Good Afternoon Everybody This blog will be a diversion from the normal because of the season. I trust that you will find the following quotations will fill your hearts with JOY: “The Very First King Sized Bed: To one who

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